Come and join in the fun in Project Love 365 THIS JULY!

The doors to Project Love 365 are OPEN again!

Haven't heard about Project Love 365 yet? Well, it is our new membership programme where we get to spend ALL YEAR with you (or as long as you want to be part of the club) helping you to create a life and relationships you love, one project at a time.

The moment you join you get our guide on 'How to choose your own personal project to design a life you love' and access to the wonderful 365 facebook Community where you can hang out with us and like-minded women all committed to creating lives, careers and relationships they love.

Then every month you get online workshops (check out the amazing special guest we have at our online workshop this month!) and 'Q&A and Coaching Sessions' - Vicki running one on 'Love & relationships' and Selina running one on 'Projects, Career and LIfe Design' (you can join all workshops and sessions LIVE or watch the recording).

Here is what members of Project Love 365 have been saying...

“I can’t speak highly enough of what Selina and Vicki are doing to create a beautiful community of women wanting to change their lives for the better

I signed up for Project Love 365 to help me with my career change and after just two months I am now well on my way to finding a job I love! I have gone from having no idea of what I want to do to having signed up to retrain as a graphic designer and connecting with people in the industry to help me achieve my dream of having a creative career”

— Kath, Project Love 365 member

I love the framework of consciously designing your life, as well as the ongoing ’treats’ that the girls deliver, whether it’s a task to do, a group online session or a fab expert coming in, teaching us a new skill or perspective. Also I really benefit from being a part of an amazing group of inspiring, wholehearted, wonderful women. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s such a worthwhile investment.”

— Anna, Cornwall, Project Love 365 Member

If that sounds good to you then...

Here is what we have going on in July in 365...

(All online events are recorded so that you can join us live or watch the recording whenever you want)

Online Workshop | The hidden power of not (always) fitting in
with special guest, TED Talk speaker and best-selling author Marianne Cantwell

We are SO excited about welcoming TED Talk Speaker and best-selling author of 'Be a Free Range Human', Marianne Cantwell to our monthly Project Love 365 Online Show. We'll be going in depth into the topic of liminality and the power of not (always) fitting in from her recent TED Talk (that has been going viral - OVER 100K views and counting!).


Projects, Life Design & Career 'Q&A and Coaching' Session with Selina

If you're feeling stuck in a rut in your career or you're looking to make some positive changes to your lifestyle then join Selina for this 1 hour Life Design & Career Coaching and Q&A session. You can ask your questions around designing a life you love and making changes to your career or lifestyle. If you turn up to the live session you might even have a chance to get some on-the-spot coaching.


Love & Relationships 'Q&A and Coaching Session' with Vicki

If you're feeling stuck in an area of your love life or if you'd like to explore ways to improve an area of your relationship then join Vicki for this 1 hour Love and Relationships Coaching and Q&A session. You can ask your questions around finding love, dating and making love last. If you turn up to the live session you might even have a chance to get some on-the-spot coaching.


Quarterly London Meet-up! 12th July, 7.30-9.30pm

We're holding our quarterly London Meet-up for Project Love 365 members. A chance to hang out with us and the other women on the programme to talk about life, love and the projects you've been getting up to this month, so that you can draw inspiration and help from one another and enjoy hanging out with like-minded women.



A guide on 'How to choose your own personal project'


At Project Love we are all about taking action and bringing about long-lasting positive change in our lives and so with Project Love 365 you will create your own personal project to focus on - whether it's for a month, 3 months or a year.

When you sign up to PL365 you'll receive a starter pack that will show you how to choose a project that is right for you.


Project Love 365 private online community


If you’ve ever done one of our Project Love courses before then you’ll know how gorgeous and powerful the Project Love online communities are. And now you get to have one that you can tap into all year round.

Because when you join Project Love 365 you become part of a global community of women, all committed to creating a life and relationship you love. We love hanging out in there!

And best part is...

You can sign up for just £25/month OR LESS!

So if that sounds good to you then come on over and sign up today!