Podcast | Why we all have to learn to dream again

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OK ladies, October is THE month.

We are going on a journey and we’d love you to come with us.

Over the past year one big message has been coming up over and over again - with our clients, amongst our friends, even in Vicki’s own life:

That it is time for us to allow ourselves to dream again.

And dream BIG.

The way Olympic athletes, Oprah and Jim Carrey do. Without limits. And without chucking those dreams in the ‘it will never happen’ or ‘when I win the lottery’ bin.

We’re talking about using dreaming as a TOOL - an essential, practical and powerful tool - to help you create a life you love, to help you bring about positive change, not only in your own personal life, but in the world around you.

We’re talking about UNDOING the collective belief that dreaming is pure fantasy and a waste of time and reclaiming it as the powerful tool that it actually is to creating a life that you love.

And so on 16th October we are going to run a 5 Day Challenge - Dream Big and we are giving it to youfor FREE.

Because we want to get you and everyone you know, flexing that dreaming muscle and unlocking your dreams. Yep even the big ones.

Each day of the challenge we’ll send to your inbox a short video to get you fired up and ONE action to take that day. At the end of the 5 days you’ll have started unlocking your dreams and will have chosen one in particular to start bringing to life straight away!

And so to get this journey going we have cooked up a seriously juicy podcast for you...

Join us as we take a deep dive into the topic of dreaming: why our society and eduction system tells us NOT to dream, why that has stripped us all of our natural ability to create lives we love and what we can do to reclaim that power and start using our dreaming muscle as a tool to bring about the change we want to see in our lives and in the world we live in.

We are honestly SO excited for you to hear this podcast. This is SUCH an important topic for EVERYONE and not one that is talked about enough. This is definitely one to share amongst your friends and family.

And once you’ve listened to the podcast, make sure you sign up below to join us on our 5 Day Challenge - Dream Big starting on 16th October - and let's get dreaming together!

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