PODCAST - Intuitive Living - interview with Pandora Paloma


This week on the podcast Selina interviewed Pandora Paloma, Intuitive Living Coach, Founder of ROOTED LIVING and author of her brand new book ‘Intuitive Living: 6 weeks to self-love, intuitive eating & reclaiming your mind-body connection’

It is SUCH a good book. So beautifully written - smart, wise, loving, just like Pandora 😍 and with seriously powerful exercises inside.  

In this episode Selina and Pandora dive deep into the topic of intuitive living and eating, how to tap into your intuition (liking yourself is key), why self-love really IS at the heart of it all and why Pandora now chooses body neutrality over body love.

To find out more about Pandora and her courses visit http://rootedliving.co/

And you can buy a copy of her book over here.

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With love,

X Selina and Vicki


PODCAST - The Power of Saying No (and why we struggle with it so damn much)


Ooh we can’t for you to listen to this week’s podcast as we discuss the juicy topic of saying NO and setting healthy boundaries.

We talked about:

  • The reasons why this two letter word can cause us so much discomfort and struggle

  • How our reluctance to say ‘no’ can be a cause for exhaustion and burn out (and resentment!)

  • Why, particularly as women, we fear saying no so much

  • How we can learn to say no, with love and kindness and set healthy boundaries for ourselves

  • And much more!

We loved recording this one and we can’t wait for you to listen to it 💖

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With love,

X Selina and Vicki


PODCAST - A Life More Inspired - interview with Nicola Rae Wickham


This week on the podcast Selina had the most gorgeous and deep diving conversation with the wonderful Nicola Rae Wickham - the creative mentor, podcaster and founder of A Life More Inspired who helps women bring their dreams to life. If you aren’t yet following Nicola on Instagram, DO, she’ll bring so much joy and wisdom to your feed!

And this episode will truly bring a smile to your face. Nicola is just so full of love and laughter and brings a wonderful lightness to deeeeeep conversations and this episode is no exception. 

Together Selina and Nicola talked about…

  • How Nicola got into the work she does today (because how DO you become a creative mentor that brings people’s dreams and creative businesses to life?!)

  • Nicola’s own personal challenge of knowing how to ‘just be herself’ and what it was like 20 years ago in the workplace as a black woman feeling that she wasn’t allowed to be fully herself.

  • How owning the parts of you that you feel shame around, helps you to own yourself fully and unlock parts of you that you couldn’t access before, like inner peace and joy.

  • The brilliant event on ‘Wellness and Wealth’ that she put on recently at Reuters with the wonderful Tamu from Live Three Sixty

  • And why we really do all need to start looking at wealth as a part of our overall wellness

Juicy juicy juicy! 

Oh and this episode was recorded literally days before Nicola gave birth (so it was done via Skype, rather than the studio).

Congratulations to you Nicola on your beautiful baby girl!

For more of Nicola’s love and wisdom head to her website and Instagram

x Vicki and Selina

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Time to hit pause and reflect! How have the first 3 months of 2019 been for YOU?


We feel like a broken record saying this every year, but...how is it almost April already!?

Are you feeling that too?

It can be so easy for time to fly by and to get sucked into that never-ending to-do list until, before you know it, another year has passed by and those plans and intentions you made at the start of the year have all but been forgotten.


We have made a commitment to organise a collective ‘HIT PAUSE’ every quarter, so we can each check-in with ourselves, review how the last 3 months have gone, how our commitments have come along and create fresh new commitments for the next three months that will help us each keep creating lives and relationships that we love, that make us feel good and make us proud.

And so on today’s Project Love podcast we are inviting you to join us for the first quarterly check-in of 2019!

Grab your Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal, if you have one (you can still get your own copy over at thegoodbyehellojournal.com - while stocks last!) and join us as we reflect on the past 3 months, share the lessons that we’ve learnt in that time and create fresh new commitments for the next 3 months that help us realign ourselves with our intentions for the year and the life we dream of living.

And if you made commitments at the start of the year that you haven’t stuck to, then YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are always lessons to be found in the commitments that actually dropped off the list (which we talk all about in the podcast!)

>>> 🎧 Listen to the podcast now over on Apple Podcast (iTunes) or Spotify

And then join us over on Instagram to let us know what was the biggest lesson you learned from doing your own quarterly review!

X Selina & Vicki


PODCAST | How to handle New Year overwhelm


Hands up if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed since the new year has kicked off?

Well if you have, then you’re not alone. In fact we received SO many messages last week from people saying that they had been feeling overwhelmed since stepping into the new year that we decided to dedicate a whole podcast episode to it this week. And wow, once we opened up this topic there was soooo much to say.

We dug into what can cause overwhelm at the start of the new year (and there are a whole host of different triggers), why overwhelm is natural at the start of any new journey or project and why and we shared lots of tips and suggestions on what to do if and when overwhelm gets the better of you.

And by the way, the two of us aren’t immune to New Year overwhelm. We always expect it to happen and this year it was particularly strong for both of us as we both chose intentions for the year that triggered our Shitty Committees big time! We share all about that too :)

So have a listen and let us know what you think.

And if you'd like to buy the the 'Design a Life You Love in 2019' TWO HOUR video workshop to help you really kick 2019 off on the right foot then head over to thegoodbyehellojournal.com/shop to buy and watch it right away.

Lots of love, 

Vicki and Selina

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Podcast | The power of setting an intention for your year ahead

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Happy New Yeeeeeaaaarrrrr!!!!!!

Well we wanted the first podcast episode of 2019 to be a powerful one for you and wow, it really is!

Honestly, prepping for this episode and recording it really had a huge impact on both of us. We sat down after recording it, had a cup of tea and came up with an intention for Project Love for 2019 (and beyond) that totally blew us away. It felt like we had poured power and energy into our future and it has got us stepping into 2019 feeling fired up and ready to get the love spreading far and wide.

So we can’t wait to hear what this episode does for you…!

We really hope you enjoy this episode!

And while we’ve got you, on 15th January we’re going to be running an online workshop called ‘How to Design A Life You Love in 2019’ and we would love to see you there! In this two hour online workshop you’ll learn how to take the dreams and plans from your Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journal and really bring them to life in 2019, no matter how busy life gets. So if you enjoyed doing Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 and want to learn even more about life design and how to create a life you love in 2019 then come and join us for the ‘Design a Life You Love in 2019’ workshop.

We hope to see you there!

Love, Selina and Vicki x

P.S If you haven’t yet ordered your copy of theGoodbye 2018, Hello 2019journal then order yours today while stock last!


Podcast | Last podcast of the year! TIME TO REFLECT ON 2018


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Join us for a special end-of-year podcast episode this week where we invite you to sit in a circle with us and reflect on your year - on all that has happened, all that you’ve learnt and the ways in which you’ve grown.

And if you did Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 we’ll also be looking at how your focus or intention for 2018 shaped your year, which of the dreams and goals you wrote in your journal happened aaaand which ones didn’t (because there is always a lesson in that too!).

We’ll be doing it with you along with two very special guests from our Project Love tribe: Leah Stewart (someone who has been part of our online community for a long time, but who we had never met until the recording!) and Bexy Cameron (one of our best friends, the first person (other than Selina) to ever do the very first ‘Goodbye, Hello’ and the person who introduced us!).  

Listen in as we each reflect on our year and invite you to do the same and if you did Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 we’d love to hear how it helped you to shape your year.

Wishing you a wonderful Xmas and here’s to a fulfilling 2019!

Love, Selina and Vicki x

P.S. For an extra boost of inspiration check out our latest ‘Success Story’ from Laura Croft whose gorgeous Letter & Brush business grew out of her doing Goodbye, Hello over the past two years.

P.P.S And if you haven’t yet ordered your copy of theGoodbye 2018, Hello 2019’ journal then order TODAY (19th Dec) for delivery before Christmas!  


Podcast | Practical Magic - a conversation with the queen of living life creatively, Kate Taylor


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If you haven’t come across Kate Taylor before then you are in for a real treat. She is the creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck and the Practical Magic prints, she’s a powerful creativity and empowerment coach and NLP practitioner, host of the Practical Magic podcast and has co-run THE most beautiful and powerful one-day retreat we have ever been to.

So we got her into the podcast studio to talk about:

  • How she created the Practical Magic Activation Deck (it truly is magic) and what she’s seen it do for people

  • The practical things we can do to tune into our intuition more (the place where we get the answers we need)

  • How to get in touch with that deeper self, love and wisdom through the body Aaaaaand...how powerful it will be to do Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 WITH the Practical Magic Activation Deck (and cake)

We enjoyed this conversation SO much and hope you will too.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.45.33.png

And because we really do think the journal and the deck are a genius combo, we are offering a special ‘Practical Magic x Goodbye Hello’ Xmas bundle - buy the two together over on lifeandme.com and save over £6!

Let the magic unfold!

X Selina & Vicki


Podcast | Living life joyfully - an interview with Red magazine editor, Sarah Tomczak


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We have such a gorgeous podcast for you today as we got to interview the wonderful Sarah Tomczak, who is the editor over at Red magazine and a woman who we so admire. We came away from this interview feeling so inspired by Sarah’s overall approach to life, work and relationships. She’s an incredible example of a woman who is juggling a successful career and family, so is spinning a lot of big plates, but seems to do it with a lot of ease, joy and love. And her joyfulness is SO infectious (check out her Instagram to see what we mean!).

Listen in as we talk about definitions of success (and how they can change over time), what it’s like to be editor of a top magazine (and how she got there) and living a perfectly imperfect life that is unapologetically joyful. And so much more!

Can’t wait for you to listen to this one - and when you do, let us know what you think and what resonated with you. We always love to hear from you!

x Selina & Vicki


Podcast: Why aren’t we all easily designing and living lives we love?


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We are so excited with all that is happening at Project Love at the moment! We are loving seeing pics sent in of our Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019 journals arriving at your homes and being spotted at Oliver Bonas stores all over the country (keep those pics coming - they make our day!) and this coming week you'll be able to hear our 5 part podcast series 'How to Design a Life You Love' over on the Pool podcast 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Now in the meantime, all this talk of life designing has got us asking one big important question: why aren't we all easily designing lives we love?

With so many of us lucky enough to have somewhere to live, food on the table and a whoooole lot of freedom when it comes to choosing what we do with our lives, who we spend it with and how we live it, why aren’t we all choosing to fill our lives with the things we love all the time?

Well in today’s Project Love podcast episode this is what we explore. And wow, what a juicy topic it is. When you start unpacking it there are sooo many layers to it. And it’s also a topic that seems important for us all to explore.

So join us as we unpack this BIG question and take a look at:

  • What we even mean by ‘designing a life that you love’ - what it IS and what it ISN’T

  • The reasons people often give for not being able to design the life they really want to live

  • And what we have found to be the actual blockers to people following their dreams and designing lives they love

And if you haven't ordered your copy of the‘Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019’ journal then head on over to thegoodbyehellojournal.com

And save your seat to the online workshop ‘Design a Life You Love in 2019’. The two together make a great combo. And a perfect Xmas gift 😉

X Selina & Vicki


Podcast | A couple that dreams together - interview with Penny and Will, creators of Brook House Woods

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 19.20.37.png

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You may have seen pictures of us on Instagram a few weeks back enjoying an amazing rewilding weekend in Brook House Woods where we got to sleep in a tree house shaped like a giant goji berry.

Well we were there to help host a couple’s rewilding retreat put on by the amazing Canopy and Stars and owners of the magical Brook House Woods, Penny and Will, who had run a competition for four lucky couples to win a place on the retreat, staying for two nights in one of the luxury treehouses.

We had heard a little bit about Penny and Will - the couple who had left behind their life as actors in London to fulfill their dream of creating and running a glamping retreat in the woods and we knew we had to hear the story in full and record a podcast with them. And wow, are we glad we did!

They shared with us what it was like to come up with such an incredible dream together and actually make it happen, how living their dream life amongst the woods has changed them and positively impacted their relationship and the advice they would give to someone who also has a big dream that they’d love to make real.

Oh and we recorded the podcast in a meadow overlooking the beautiful hills of Herefordshire. Doesn’t get much better than that!

We hope you enjoy listening to this special episode as much as we did recording it.

x Selina & Vicki

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 19.27.28.png

🎙✨PODCAST: Emma Gannon and her amazing new book 'The Multi-Hyphen Method'


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There are SO many reasons for why I am ridiculously excited about this week’s episode on the Project Love podcast.

First of all I got to interview one of my ALL TIME heroes.

Secondly she has just written a book which I truly believe is going to spark a MASSIVE movement in the world of work and will play a big part in encouraging people to really take their careers into their own hands and design careers that work for THEM.

I am talking about the amazing author, broadcaster and podcast host Emma Gannon and her truly brilliant book ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ which is about to hit the shelves on 31st May (pre-order it this minute over on Amazon).

I have been a HUGE fan of Emma and her work and in particular her Webby Award nominated podcast - Ctrl Alt Delete - for a long time. Her podcast is honestly my number #1 podcast to listen to - it has me introduced me to so many amazing female authors, entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and activists. Guests have included Liz Gilbert, Reni Eddo-Lodge and Lena Dunham to name but a few. And I LOVE the way Emma digs deep into topics with her guests in a down-to-earth, smart and insightful way.

So when I found out that Emma’s new book was focused on one of my all-time-favourite topics: working less, creating more and designing a career that works for you, I said to Vicki ‘I HAVE to interview her for the Project Love podcast and I have to get my hands on that book!’.

And so that is exactly what I did.

A few weeks later I met up with Emma (every bit as lovely in person as she is on her podcasts) in a sweltering Soho and got very excited talking with her about the new world of work that is emerging and how it is offering us exciting new opportunities to design careers that really do work for us.

So tune in, order your copy of ‘The Multi-Hyphen Method’ and let's get you designing a career that works for you.

x Selina

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PODCAST | Lessons from the world's first and only Happyologist!


This week we caught up with the world’s first and only Happyologist - Susanna Halonen

Susanna has made it her life’s work to study happiness and is author of ‘Screw Finding your Passion’ and ‘Happiness is here - a 30 day guide to joy and fulfilment’.

She describes herself as a born pessimist who trained herself to be a happy optimist and now helps others to do the same.

So we joined her in her flat in London with her big cuddly dog to dive deep into the topic of happiness and what it really takes to live a happy and fulfilled life.


We talked about:

  • How happiness as a practice (just like love) and not a destination and certainly not a permanent state we can maintain 24/7.
  • The importance of allowing ourselves to feel negative emotions and how they in fact play an important role in us cultivating happiness in life.
  • How being successful in life is not what brings about happiness, but quite the opposite: cultivating happiness TODAY in your life is what will in fact help you to achieve your dreams.

Plus Susanna shares her top tips on practicing happiness on a day to day basis and even showed us how to make a gratitude practice even more powerful.

So snuggle up and enjoy a deep dive into happiness. We guarantee it will make you smile :)

And if you’re a fan of our podcast then make sure you subscribe over on iTunes aaaaaand we would LOVE it if you would leave us a review - every review helps us to spread the love that little bit further. Plus it makes our day.

x Selina & Vicki

P.S. For any recruitment consultants out there, we laughed at the idea of Selina once having a stint as a recruitment consultant, not to disrespect recruitment consultants, but because the idea of Selina in any office job always makes us laugh (think wild animal in a cage not being able to sit still).


Discover what you really want to do with your life (and how to get paid for it)

It’s Selina here and I’m so excited for you to hit play on this week’s podcast. It is dedicated to those of you that are feeling stuck and miserable in your career, but don’t know what else you could do (or you have some ideas but can't choose which one to go for). And even more so if you love the idea of doing your own thing and being your own boss, but you just don’t know how to find that ‘right’ thing. Because THAT is what my guest on the podcast this week is ALL about.

Say hello to the wonderful Marianne Cantwell!


Marianne is best-selling author of ‘Be a Free Range Human - THE book that I always recommend when it comes to discovering what you love to do and finding a career that gives you fulfilment and freedom. She also delivered a killer TED Talk last year on ‘The power and importance of not (always) fitting in’ that has had almost 200,000 views to date.

And when it comes to creating a career for yourself that doesn’t require you leaving a piece of yourself at the door, then Marianne is your woman.

In fact together we’ve been designing and running courses to help people bust out of careers that make them miserable and show them how to create a career out of doing something they LOVE for almost a decade (!) And we are back together again after a 2 year break to run our most popular course - the Ideas Adventure - a 6 week online programme to help you discover what you really want to do with your life and how to get paid for it (sign up here if you want to find out more).

And so I invited Marianne to join me for this week’s episode to dive deep into…well all of it.

We talked about how to know when a traditional job is not for you (a lot of us simply aren’t suited to being employees!), how it’s not a case of having a job OR running your own business - there are all sorts of options out there for you - and how it’s not about finding the career that’s right for you, but creating the career that’s right for you. Plus a whole lot more.

There is nothing that Marianne and I love more than getting together to dive deep into the topic of escaping the 9 to 5 and creating a career you love so it was hard frankly to keep the podcast to under an hour. But I sort of managed it… 🤫


So I hope you enjoy it and if figuring out a new career direction is on your mind and listening to the two of us got you feeling fired up then click here to learn more about the Ideas Adventure over the next few weeks 💛

I hope to see some of you joining us on the journey. It will be my main focus in April :)

And as ever, if you enjoy this podcast and our podcasts in general then please do subscribe over on iTunes and leave us a review - you will make us very happy!

Much love,

x Selina

P.S. I am not currently taking on any 1-2-1 coaching clients so if you would like my help in figuring out a way of earning a living doing something that you love then the Ideas Adventure is THE way to work with me (and it is a LOT of fun)!


Tip #1 of our 5 TOP TIPS to help you as you design your 2018

We’re getting our excitement on over at Project Love HQ with just FIVE DAYS TO GO until ‘Design a Life You Love in 2018’ kicks off - our 4 week online course that has you creating a beautiful vision for your 2018 and a practical plan of how you’re going to bring that vision to life (find out ALL about it and sign yourself up over here). 

To celebrate, Selina has whipped up 5 top tips to Designing a Life you Love - here is your first one for today. 

You can catch the rest over on YouTube

And if you’ve been thinking about signing up to the course, but haven’t yet, then why not make it your treat to yourself for today and sign up!

And we’ll see you on Monday when the party gets started! 


PODCAST with Naomi Mdudu | How to bring about BIG change in your life & grow a business in which you flourish

Naomi Mdud, founder of The Lifestyle Edit.jpg

This week’s podcast is SUCH an energiser!

Selina invited Naomi Mdudu, founder of The Lifestyle Edit, onto this week's Project Love podcast show to share her amazing story of how she brought about BIG change in almost every area of her life after her 'dream job' as a fashion editor & an unhealthy relationship left her burnt out and miserable. She went on to start her own business, transform her love life and moved from London to New York all within about a year!

Since then she has been interviewing and working with hundreds of inspiring female entrepreneurs all over the world and has soooo much to share and so much guidance to offer when it comes to starting and growing a successful business.

Naomi is so inspiring, wise and beautifully vulnerable in the way she talks about her journey and her experiences and she is a natural talent when it comes to guiding others in growing a successful business in which they can flourish.

So if you are feeling ready to make a BIG change in life, if you run your own biz, if you’re in a relationship that just isn’t working, if you’re exhausted and you know something needs to change but you don’t know what, frankly if you have a beating heart, then this podcast is for you.

Listen in below or subscribe to all of our podcasts over on iTunes!


And if you fall in love with Naomi as much as we did and want more from her then head on over and sign up to her newsletter and check out her podcast over on The Lifestyle Edit.


The power of setting intentions - another key tool in your life design toolkit

guilherme-stecanella-371624 (1).jpg

In our last podcast ‘Why we all have to learn to dream again’ we talked about the power of allowing yourself to dream and taking those dreams seriously as a key tool in both designing a life you love and in bringing about the changes you want to see in the world.

In today’s podcast we talk about the power of setting intentions as another key tool in your life design and change-making toolkit.

From seven years of watching people go through our ‘Goodbye, Hello’ process, we have found this to be one of the single most powerful parts of the process. And what is interesting is to see the different ways these intentions can be used - either as a way to stay focused throughout the year on what is most important to you OR as a bit of a magic spell - casting out the intention into your year without having any idea exactly how it will manifest, but finding that the intention works as a magic seed with a life of it’s own that grows in all sorts of different (and often very unexpected) ways.

Come and join us for a half hour deep dive into the topic and if you’ve never tried it before, have a go at doing it yourself this month and see what it does for you.


Aaaand we are just a few more backers away from hitting 70% of our Kickstarter goal and at this rate we should hit the full target by next week! So if you haven’t ordered your copy of ‘Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018’ but have been planning to, then please do it today to help us towards that funding goal!

xx Selina & Vicki


PODCAST | 'Going beneath the surface - an interview with Kirsty Hanly'

It's a wet, snuggle-at-home day here in London, so for those of you that are enjoying the same drizzly weather (and even if you're not!) we have a really juicy podcast for you to snuggle in and listen to...

'Going beneath the surface - an interview with Kirsty Hanly'

Join Selina as she dives deep into conversation with Kirsty Hanly -  coach, writer, TED Talk Speaker and Cognitive Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner.

Kirsty's passion is in helping people to live more connected and fulfilling lives, discover their true potential and to step into their dreams, by helping them move through the unconscious patterns that are holding them back in life.

She is the queen of getting under the surface of things, stripping back the layers to reveal what lies beneath.

Listen in as she and Selina get deep into conversation about what it takes to really get beneath the surface and open up to what we really want in life, how to find balance with our inner masculine and feminine energies and how orgasmic meditation can help you to really experience life in depth aaaaaand helps you to achieve mind-blowing orgasms. Hello.

So if you want to get in on all of THAT juicy conversation then listen in over on our blog. You can also listen and subscribe to our podcasts over on itunes (leave a review on there for us and you’ll make our day!)

To find out more about Kirsty and how to work with her, head over to http://inspiringlivescoaching.com/about-kirsty/

The 6 month group journey she is running with Yaron Engler on relationship, intimacy and love - Me You Us - starts this November - find out more over here: http://me-you-us.co.uk/

In next week's podcast...it's a special one not to be missed!

Next week we'll be getting deep into one of our all time favourite topics: 'why we all need to learn to dream again'

The importance and power of dreaming has been a big topic coming up with our coaching clients this year and in all the years that we've been coaching people we've found that one of the biggest blockers to people living lives they love is that they don't allow themselves to dream.

Dreaming is an essential tool when it comes to designing a life you love and NOT allowing ourselves to do it is having a far bigger impact on our lives than most people realise.

So check your inbox next week for a podcast ALL about it.


VIDEO | Selina's five top tips on how to start your career change

Today’s video is for those of you that are feeling fed up with your job and either thinking about changing career or starting to make it happen.

I’ve put together a little 18 minute Career Change Session specially for you, sharing with you my 5 top things to do (and one NOT to do) when you start wanting to make a career change.

I’ve been helping people change career and find work that they love for the past 10 years, helping over 2,000 people to figure out what it is they really want to do and how to make it happen. What I’ve found in all those years is that the big difference between those you go for it and make it happen and those who don’t, is that those who make it happen COMMIT to it, they make time in their lives to work on making that change and they TAKE ACTION.

Watch the video below and I’ll tell you more.

And if you are serious about really getting your career change going before the year is up then GET IN TOUCH.

I don’t often open the doors to coaching clients these days (full on with other Project Love stuff!) but autumn is always a time of year when people really start to get that back-to-school ‘I can’t do this for another year!’ feeling. And so this is the time of year that I like to focus on helping some of those people.

And so we are opening up TWO new spaces onto our 3 month 121 Career Change Coaching programme this autumn.

This is the programme where you get to have me as your personal coach for 3 months, helping to guide and support you as your figure out what it is you want to do with your career and then create a plan to make it happen.

I have just had the most amazing season with my two clients who are coming to the end of their journey with me. One (you know her on here - the wonderful Nicole) has quit her corporate job in that time, made a plan to travel the world for a year surfing and has found a new and exciting path as a coach and is already taking on her first guinea pig clients (whoop!), while the other has moved to a super cool new company and gone down to a 3 day week and is using the other two days to test out an amazing new biz idea (still top secret so I can't say more) and is writing a children's book

It's amazing how, when you really commit to making a change and get the right kind of guidance and support, how much can happen and how differently you can feel in just a few months.

So if you are ready to get serious about making a career change and you're ready to invest in getting the right guidance and support in helping you to do it then get in touch.

Drop me a line over at hello@loveprojectlove.com and let me know where you're feeling most stuck and when you'd be free for a chat this week or next.

X Selina


PODCAST | How burn out and anxiety lead Kim Murray to find her purpose in life…benefitting us all!



Hi there, it’s Selina here, with a fresh new podcast to kick off your week! 

I invited Kim Murray, founder of Happy Heads, into the Project Love studio so that she could share her beautiful story of transformation, that began with burn out and panic attacks brought on by a highly stressful period at work and had her going on a journey that not only brought her health back and left her feeling happier than ever before, but it also lead to her changing career and starting Happy Heads where she now teaches adults and children simple mindful tools to help them live happier, calmer and stress-free lives.

And people have been raving about her work - from helping children who have suffered bereavement, to stressed-out adults, to her new urban retreats in London.

So as well as hearing her story, we spent time talking about why, in a digital age, we all have to learn to be proactive about keeping our minds healthy and how we can do that. Kim shares some wonderfully simple but effective tips and tools on how to practice mindfulness and weave little moments of meditation into your day to day, particularly if (like me) you know you should meditate, but you just don’t seem to get round to doing it. 

Her tools and guidance on mental fitness in a digital age honestly have been a real game changer for me.

So I cannot wait for you to listen to Kim’s inspiring story and to hear her tips on how to keep mentally fit, happy and healthy, in a digital age.

Click the orange play button at the top of the page or head over to itunes and listen to it there.

I hope this gives a lovely uplifting start to your week!

And Kim's next one day Happy Heads urban retreat is on Saturday 14th October, spaces are limited so email kim@happyheads.me if you're interested and she’ll give you information on how to book.

Lots of love,

x Selina

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