If you loved 'Get Ready for Love’ then you are going to love what we have in store for you next...

If those regular doses of fresh inspiration, practical lessons and guidance helped to give you a fresh and empowering perspective on love and relationships, then imagine what it would be like to get even more of that...on a regular basis.

sisterhood vicki.jpg

Imagine what it would be like to have Project Love on tap.. 365 days of the year!

And not just to help you find and create a relationship that you love, but to help you create a life that you love too. 


Welcome to... PROJECT LOVE 365

Our brand new online programme that takes the Project Love experience to a whole new level, giving you the inspiration, guidance and support you need to create a relationship and life that you love.

Each season runs for 3 months as a rolling subscription and every season offers you a fresh mix of online workshops, group coaching sessions and Live FB events where we dive deep into all topics around creating a life and relationship you love.

Vicki will be leading the way on topics around love and relationships and Selina will be leading the way on topics around life and career.

At the start of each season you’ll be sent a Seasonal 'Goodbye/Hello' guide (like our annual Goodbye/Hello guide but tied in with the transition between seasons) that will help you to reflect on the last 3 months - to acknowledge all that you have done and learnt in that time - and plan what you're going to focus your attention on over the following 3 months - coming up with your very own Project Love 365 project!

We’ll throw a Project Love 365 London event for those of you in or near London every quarter.

And throughout it all, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to access the love, wisdom and support of a tribe of amazing women all committed to creating a life and relationship they love through the Project Love 365 private FB group every day of the year.

Sounds gooooood doesn't it?!

Well it gets even better!...


We're kicking things off with a very
special price...

For this first special season we are offering Project Love 365 exclusively to you, our Project Love Familia (anyone who has enjoyed 'Get Ready for Love', 'Design a Life you Love' or 121 coaching with us)

And because you guys are special to us
we’re offering it to you
for just £150/quarter
(that is £1.67 a day!)

This is the only time we will offer it at this price.

When the doors open again to new subscribers (when you can invite your friends to join) for the Summer Season, that price will have gone up.

But as long as you keep your subscription rolling then your special £150 quarterly subscription will last you a life-time and never go up
(in fact we’re coming up with a way that it can go down!).

So become one of the special founders of Project Love 365 & get it for just £1.67 a day!


Why we are so excited about running this programme!

S an V laughing.jpg


Finally - a way for me to give you coaching support without a waiting list! I know some of you are at a stage in your life where you need some additional support in your love life and now we have a place for you to come and get it, right when you need it. I've been clapping and squealing at my laptop as I plan the love and relationships content for the Spring season.  I can't wait to start this journey with you and go deeper into topics in real-time, giving you the kind of ongoing guidance, support and inspiration that I've always wanted to give to you. -- Vicki

“I’ve been longing to do a programme like this for some time now. It’s just not enough for me to dip in and out with you guys. I like to really get in there! Now with Project Love 365 we can spend more time with you, going deeper into topics on life and love and getting to know you and your journey. I’m not taking on any new 1-2-1 clients this year so if you want my hands-on help with a career or life change then this programme is where you will get it!” -- Selina


The journey begins on 1st March (when your first quarterly subscription payment of £150 will go through). You’ll receive the full festival line-up next week, but in the meantime this is what you’ll get each season.

The quick overview:

1 x Seasonal alignment guide - like Goodbye/Hello but for each season!

2 x Life & Career workshops (including one with a special guest)

2 x Love & Relationships workshops (including one with a special guest)

2 x Life & Career drop-in group coaching sessions

2 x Love & Relationships drop-in group coaching sessions

4 x Live FB events

1 x Live London Event

PLUS the private FB Project Love 365 community (and you know how good that will be!)

In more detail:

Project Love 365 Seasonal Alignment Guide


Each season starts with the 'Goodbye/Hello' guide, so that you are setting intentions that are aligned with the natural transitions of life . It offers a chance to pause for a moment and check in with yourself. To take a step back and reflect on all that has happened and all that you've learnt over the last 3 months and get ready to step into the new season with love and intention and your own personal project to play with!

Your very own Project Love 365 PROJECT!

You will be the one to choose the focus of your journey each season, by choosing a practical project that helps you to get ahead in creating the life you want to live, whether you want to change career and find meaningful work, get your love life flourishing or find a way of living that makes you truly happy.

There are all sorts of projects you can do, big or small and we'll help you to choose one that is right for you.

And then over the course of the 3 months you'll be fully supported as you play on your project.

Project Love 365 Online Workshops (+ Worksheets)

vicki and selina workshop

The online workshops are our big online events where everyone can join in live (they will of course also be recorded). We’ll have four each season - two focused on creating a life and career you love and two focused on love and relationships and two of them will include special guests.

In this first season Vicki will be joined by the wonderful Jeanne Patti - an expert in personality types Psychology - to run a workshop to “Discover what your personality type says about you and how you love”. We’ll explore how the different personality types feel and experience love and how we can use this knowledge to improve our relationships - with ourselves and with others.

And we have the amazing Jen Gresham joining Selina to run a workshop on The power and importance of defining what success really means to you’ where you’ll get clear on what success really looks like to you and what narratives around success you might have that could be holding you back.

Each workshop will be accompanied by a worksheet helping you to turn all that you learn in the workshop into practical steps that you can apply to your life straight away.

Online drop-in group coaching sessions

At certain points on your journey you might feel that you need some hands-on guidance and advice to help you move forward and this is what the group coaching sessions are all about - your chance to get our help on your career and life changes or your love and relationship struggles when you need it.

We’ll run 4 group coaching days each Season - two with Vicki on finding love and making it last and two with Selina on life design, career change and starting your own biz.

Each group coaching session runs for an hour and will have a max of 6 participants at a time.
These sessions won’t be recorded so that you have full privacy within the group

Facebook Live Events


During the group coaching days we’ll jump onto FB Live and discuss the key topics that have been coming up and our advice on them so that you can all get a slice of the advice! (you'll be able to catch up on these any time in the private FB group)

A quarterly Live London Event


Every season, there will be a Live London event where we all get together (and for those of you that can’t make it, we’ll make sure we do a live stream during the event so that you don’t feel left out!)

Project Love 365 private online community

sisterhood community


Well you already know how gorgeous and powerful the Project Love online communities are. Imagine having access to all that love and support whenever you need it throughout the year!



So if all of that sounds good to you, then get your name down and join the tribe. We can’t wait to get started!



I’m on the other side of the world and in a totally different time zone - will I miss out?

We’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets a chance to join the live events, particularly the group coaching sessions which will run throughout the day so people in Aus/Nz/Asia should still be able to find a time that works for them, but remember that the private FB group runs 24/7 so you’ll always have that ongoing connection and the events will be recorded.

What if I want to cancel?

We're into long term relationships so your subscription will renew every season. You can cancel anytime up to 48-hours before the start of the next season. 

I want to invite my friend to join but she’s not a grad - can I?

We’re making this first season exclusively for our grads but we’ll be opening the doors to everyone for the Summer Season and that is when you can get your friends joining in (and money off your quarterly subscription for you and them when you do!)

I'm worried I won't have time for this

This programme is ongoing and is designed to be gentle - think of it as a friend that you can go to for inspiration and guidance. We will record every workshop and event so that you can watch them in your own time if you can't make the live ones :)