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Imagine if...

Imagine if you were part of a tribe of like-minded women, all dedicated to
creating lives and relationships you love.

Imagine if you had exclusive content and live online events to enjoy every month,
designed to help you flourish in life.

Imagine if you were focused on your very own Project Love project that was
bringing about the changes you long for in life.

Imagine if you were able to come and ask us, Vicki & Selina, questions about how to create a life and relationship you love whenever you needed help

Imagine if you could hang out with us and like-minded women all year round so that you felt constantly supported, connected and inspired.

Imagine what you might get up to in your life if you had all that to tap into all year round...

Well now you can...

Welcome to PROJECT LOVE 365

Our monthly membership programme that gives you fresh, new inspirational content every month,
live online events, guidance and support when you need it and a private FB group where you can hang out with us and a community of like-minded women all year round.

Whatever change you want to bring about in your life, whether you want to find love,
want to help your relationship flourish, want to find fulfilling work
or simply want to find a way to feel happier in life, then we want to help you make it happen.

Let’s create lives and relationships we love together

You, me, us - a whole tribe of women stepping into our power and creating lives and relationships we love, supporting and cheering one another on as we go...

>>> Check out the Autumn line-up of online events over here

I can’t speak highly enough of what Selina and Vicki are doing to create a beautiful community of women wanting to change their lives for the better

What I love about Project Love 365 is that you feel like you have your best friend by your side helping you and supporting you the whole way, someone who can relate to you, who gets you and whats going on in your life but with the huge benefit of actually being trained to give you the right advice! You leave with practical tips that you can put into action straight away which truly is invaluable.

I signed up for Project Love 365 to help me with my career change and after just two months I am now well on my way to finding a job I love! I have gone from having no idea of what I want to do to having signed up to retrain as a graphic designer and connecting with people in the industry to help me achieve my dream of having a creative career

I can’t wait for the next round and a new influx of people!”
— Kath, Project Love 365 member
Having got involved with (and loved!) a number of course with Project Love in the past, I was so pleased that the team decided to launch something that could provide more on-going coaching. It’s such a game changer to have this continued support from both Selina and Vicki with their brilliantly complementary skills. I love the structure that comes with this form of the coaching, I love the framework of consciously designing your life, as well as the ongoing ’treats’ that the girls deliver, whether it’s a task to do, a group online session or a fab expert coming in, teaching us a new skill or perspective. Also I really benefit from being a part of an amazing group of inspiring, wholehearted, wonderful women. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s such a worthwhile investment.
— Anna, Cornwall, Project Love 365 Member
A super fun and loving environment of real sisterhood. All of the coaching sessions and guest speakers have been top quality and really added to me getting to know myself better and gain confidence with my projects. Thank you ladies, I’ll be hanging out in PL365 for a while yet
— Emma, Project Love 365 Member

Each month you get:

  • Live Online Workshop with Selina & Vicki

  • Practical Worksheet to apply the key workshop lessons to your life

  • Life Design & Career Coaching & Q&A session with Selina

  • Love & Relationships Coaching & Q&A session with Vicki

  • Quarterly Live London Event

  • Private FB Project Love 365 community (and you know how good that will be!)

  • PLUS when you first sign up you get a starter pack: ‘How to choose your own Project Love 365 project’

Join the tribe today for as little as £18/month!

What you get each month:

Live Online Workshop
(+ Worksheet)
Vicki & Selina

vicki and selina workshop

We kick off each month with an online Project Love 365 workshop where we invite you to join us live as we deep dive into topics around creating a life and relationships you love.

And once a quarter a special guest joins us on the show. This quarter we'll have the amazing Marianne Cantwell, TED Talk speaker and best-selling author, joining us to talk about 'The hidden power of not (always) fitting in'. We cannot wait!

Each workshop is accompanied by a worksheet helping you to turn all that you learn in the workshop into practical steps that you can apply to your life straight away.

You can see the Autumn line-up over here

All workshops are recorded.

Life Design & Career
Coaching & Q&A session
with Selina

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Every month you'll have the chance to ask Selina questions around designing a life you love and making changes to your career or lifestyle in a one hour Coaching and Q&A Session. If you turn up to the live session you might even have a chance to get some on-the-spot coaching.

All Coaching and Q&A Sessions are recorded

Love & Relationships
Coaching & Q&A session
with Vicki

Project Love lr-61.jpg

Every month, you will be able to ask Vicki your questions around finding love, dating and making love last. If you're feeling stuck in an area of your love life or if you'd like to explore ways to improve an area of your relationship then you will have the Love and Relationships Coaching and Q&A Session to hang out in each month.

All Coaching and Q&A Sessions are recorded

Your very own Project Love 365 PROJECT!

At Project Love we are all about taking action and bringing about long-lasting positive change in our lives and so with Project Love 365 you will create your own personal project to focus on - whether it's for a month, 3 months or a year.

When you sign up to PL365 you'll receive a starter pack that will show you how to choose a project that is right for you. A practical project that helps you to get ahead in creating the life you want to live, whether you want to change career and find meaningful work, get your love life flourishing or find a way of living that makes you truly happy.

There are all sorts of projects you can do, big or small and we'll help you to choose one that is right for you.

A quarterly Live London Event

Every season there will be a Live London event where those of you in or close to London can meet in person.

Project Love 365 private online community

sisterhood community

If you’ve ever done one of our Project Love courses before then you’ll know how gorgeous and powerful the Project Love online communities are. And now you get to have one that you can tap into all year round.

Because when you join Project Love 365 you become part of a global community of women, all committed to creating a life and relationship you love.

You are able to access the love, wisdom and support of a tribe of amazing women all and we're in there regularly to offer encouragement and support and get involved in the conversations that are happening.

We love hanging out in there

So if all of that sounds good to you, then come and join the tribe.
We can’t wait to meet you!
Sign up today for as little as £18/month



I’m on the other side of the world and in a totally different time zone - will I miss out?

We’ll do our best to make sure everyone gets a chance to join the live events, by running them at different times of the day, but remember that the private FB group runs 24/7 so you’ll always have that ongoing connection and all events (including the coaching sessions) will be recorded.

What if I want to cancel?

We're into long term relationships so your subscription will renew automatically whether you have signed up for the monthly, quarterly or annual subscription and you can cancel anytime up to 48-hours before your subscription is due to renew.

I'm worried I won't have time for this

This programme is ongoing and is designed to be gentle - think of it as a friend that you can go to for inspiration and guidance. We will record every workshop and event so that you can watch them in your own time if you can't make the live ones :)