Project Love is awesome and exactly what the world needs right now

We are all struggling to love ourselves and therefore each other too. It’s so exciting to watch Project Love light the way to help more of us reconnect to what’s really important to all of us: LOVE. It also helps that Vicki and Selina are total babes!

- Persia Lawson, Co-Founder of

Project Love are teaching the digital generation how to find love
— Amuse - i-D - Vice magazine
"I've met the most incredible guy, who I am now thinking may be the love of my life"

I am convinced that listing to the Project Love podcasts had a role to play in my being ready for love in a way that I have never been before. So, thank you, thank you, thank you

- Harriette

"No cliches, no cringeyness, no patronising preaching. Just two awesome women who are on a mission to make your love life better"

As an old cynic, with a very low cringe threshold, and an expert in not talking about feelings, I didn't think Project Love was for me. Wrong. In or out of a relationship, the impact of what these women are trying to do (and succeeding in doing) is huge.  Self-love isn't a trend or fad - it's something that every women should and could be doing and it's what Project Love is all about.  No cliches, no cringeyness, no patronising preaching. Just two awesome women who are on a mission to make your love life better... and that doesn't mean your love-life with a partner.  It's all about the 'love-life' you have with yourself. Couldn't big it / them up enough. 

- Julia Nightingale

"7 years of single life ended in a month and a half"

I mainly wanted to write to say thank you. I really feel you have helped me so much. I've been sleeping better, being more in the present moment, moving out of my comfort zone and actively dealing with worries using the techniques you've taught me. I've loved being a part of Project Love this year. I'm hugely grateful for your time and kindness

- Katy, London

"This feisty duo really practice what they preach"

I think like myself a lot of women, perhaps mothers especially, think we aren't doing enough, being enough, accomplishing enough, even though we are juggling careers, family, trying to keep in touch with our friends and doing a million other things at once, so taking the time to actually do something kind for myself has been fantastic, guilt free. I love to look after the people I care about, but often forget to give myself a break and treat myself as I would others, so Project Love has been so eye opening for me. Keep up the amazing work ladies! I always read my daily love byte before I get out of bed, a wonderful way to grab some fast inspiration for the day.

- Kate Aird, London

"Vicki and Selina manage to bring an accessible and fun approach to a subject matter that is all too often shrouded in stigma"

I was fortunate enough to attend a Project Love Salon event. How refreshing to spend an evening with a group of brilliant people talking about the greatly debated topic of love.

- Daisy Ellison, Account Director, Selfridges, London

"Before Project Love I felt really stuck in a rut when it came to my love life"

Having spent my twenties focusing on my career and going on adventures around the world, I began to wonder if I had left it too late. I was struggling to work out where I was going wrong, if there was something i should be doing differently. It started to feel like a pretty hopeless situation.

Project Love showed me that I had it all wrong. Istarted noticing all the love I already have around me and to focus on loving myself first and foremost. Now I am full to the brim with self worth and confidence. I'm still single but this current situation doesn't fill me with dread anymore because i know that by continuing to live my life authentically and with an open heart I will meet someone one day who is just right for me and that relationship will be far better then anything I have experienced before Project Love

- Dr Nina Rajani, Medecins Sans Frontieres

Selina and Vicki, you two are too fabulous to even start describing – your good energy is intoxicating!
— Shani
"I love Project Love. It’s great having pep talks (via the podcasts) to listen to at home. Like having a friendly word in your ear"

The girls give great advice and you know it definitely comes from the heart. It’s shown me that I need to focus on myself for a change – to do what I want and what is right for me and to learn to be kind to myself

- Victoria, London

I just recently found your website and podcasts and, to put it simply, I ADORE your work! I am single and dating and listening to your podcasts over this past week I have totally changed my attitude to meeting new people. I have been telling all my friends about your advice and how much happier it has made me feel about where I am at in my life.
— Harriette
"Thanks to Project Love, I fell in love...with me!"

My experience with Project Love has left me positively glowing and what a difference it has already made to my existing relationships and to the type of people I have noticed I am now attracting into my life.  Oh, if only I had known about this years ago!

- Tracey, London

Project Love is nothing short of amazing...and it works!
— Tracy Ward
Project Love changed my life. I can’t really explain how it happened, but I came to feel better and happier in myself than I think I ever have done.
— Jayne, London
I was feeling low and a bit negative about my love life before Project Love. I was starting to feel like love was something that only happened to other people, not me.

Project Love helped me to realise that I didn’t have a good relationship with myself at all which may have been more obvious than I realised. Vicki and Selina helped me to dig deep into those issues that I often try to ignore and to really learn to love and accept myself as I am.

I’ve recently met someone who I really like and I’ve been very open and honest with him about who I am and what I want and it’s felt liberating. It’s going really well and I’m happy!
— Lucy, London
The biggest thing that Project Love helped me with was realising that above all, loving myself for who I am is integral in allowing myself to be in love with somebody else. I tried so hard to be somebody that I thought someone would love that I lost myself in it.

I feel like I have given birth to a more positive image of myself. I feel safe creating a life that is wonderful for me, knowing that somebody will not complete my life, or me but rather add a sprinkle of more love and happiness into it
— Valentina, London
Thank you! You guys really made me see that I am not alone in the single game and this is all part of life. That you need to be open, go with it and enjoy it along the way rather than be eaten up by those that have disappointed you or let you down in the past.

I’m more relaxed about the potential love opportunities that may come my way and I’m open to them. I don’t feel in a rush to seek someone out, it will happen when it happens.

Project Love has helped me gain confidence in myself and I feel content with my life, whether this is with / without someone for the time being. I’ve realised that the most important thing is to stay true to yourself, never settle and that love really does start at home…
— Cassie, London
I would recommend Project Love to all my single friends and even the ones that aren’t! Before I got involved in Project Love, I had wrongly assumed that it would just be tips for going on dates, what to do and say etc… but it’s much more that that. It’s about getting ready to start attracting the right kind of relationship to you, starting with working on how you feel inside
— LJ, London
I feel now more than ever that I can be truly ME and be loveable just as I am. When I think of me in a relationship, I don’t imagine a different version of me, not more X or less Y but me. Just as I am, right now. And I trust myself and I trust my heart to lead the way
— SB, London