Project Love
Career Change Planning Day

A one day intensive for 4 women who are
ready to make a career change


Monday 8th May, 9.45-16.45
& Wednesday 7th June, 19.00-22.00


Are you ready to make a change in your career, but not yet sure what that new career would be?

Are you ready to take action but don’t know what direction to go in?

Do you long to have someone just give you a career change plan so you can get started on making it happen?

Then this one and half day intensive is designed for you!

With Selina (who has coached and guided over 2000 people through successful career changes over the past 10 years) as your personal coach and guide, you will spend a FULL day and a half dedicated to helping you (and 3 other women) really get ahead with your career change.

Through deep conversation, on-the-spot coaching and individual strategic planning sessions you’ll get a bespoke coaching experience with plenty of 1-on-1 attention combined with the power (and fun) of group coaching.

How it works:

You’ll start the day meeting Selina and your team for a morning breakfast session where you’ll talk through the day and what you each hope to get out of it.

Then the work will begin!

You’ll spend the first half of the day getting clear on:

·      What it is that makes you tick

·      Where your strengths lie

·      What key ingredients you need to feel happy and fulfilled in the work that you do

·      What different career options might suit you

·      Where you are on your career change journey and what you need to focus on doing next

You’ll then all go and enjoy lunch in a private member’s club in east London, joined by Vicki.

In the second half of the day you’ll get into the planning phase, mapping out your long-term career change plan and designing a one month project that will help kickstart your career change and get the momentum going.

And then it’s action time!

With your new project and plan in hand, you’ll go off for a month and get into action with a clear intention of what you’re going to be focusing your time and energy on.

Then one month later you’ll meet again (Wednesday 7th June, 7pm).

You'll go out to dinner with Selina and your team of career changers to share how you got on over the month since the one day intensive. You’ll have a chance to talk through any areas that you might be getting stuck on and will review your plan going forward so that you go away feeling clear and confident on what it is you need to do next.

It’s all about getting clarity, focus and a plan.
And getting excited about the journey that lies ahead!

How much does it all cost?
Just £495

And your meals during both the daytime and evening session are all included in the price.

So if this sounds good to you, if you feel ready to take action and get your career change going then apply below.

There are only 4 spots on this one and a half day intensive programme and so we will offer the places to the women that we feel will get the most out of the day (and we may have to resort to picking names from a hat if we have a lot of women applying that we think would be perfect for a day like this!).

If there is a waiting list we’ll look at running another day like this in the near future.

All applications must be in by 2nd April.

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e.g. what do you know you want or don't want anymore and what are you still unclear on?

Selina isn’t just a great coach: she’s the person other coaches go to when they get stuck. With her uncanny ability to speak straight to the heart of what is going on for you, I’d go so far as to say she’s the best ‘get unstuck’ coach in the UK today
— Marianne Cantwell - best-selling author & Founder of
THANK YOU SO MUCH! How to tell you how much happier I am and how different my life is now? Where to begin? I think I might actually be a whole other person...

The guys have been asking me how you helped me quit and make a plan and actually go through with it all and I know there was quite a lot of magic and general witchcraft involved, but mostly an amazing talent for your job.

So biggest hugest thanks to you may all the happiness you help your clients discover be visited on you too
— Cariad Findlater
Selina has this incredible ability to know exactly what you need, even when you don’t know yourself. I wish I could work with her EVERY day, because she just gets it. Whatever ‘it’ is. In fact, I genuinely think she might have magic powers!
— Alanna Freeman, Illustrator

About Selina

Selina has been helping people change career and start their own businesses for over 10 years. In that time she has coached over 2000 people, from creatives, to TED Talk speakers, lawyers, chart-topping rap artists and even her grandma, helping them to get clear on what it is they really want to do and helping them create a plan that will make it happen.

Now it’s your go!