PODCAST | How burn out and anxiety lead Kim Murray to find her purpose in life…benefitting us all!



Hi there, it’s Selina here, with a fresh new podcast to kick off your week! 

I invited Kim Murray, founder of Happy Heads, into the Project Love studio so that she could share her beautiful story of transformation, that began with burn out and panic attacks brought on by a highly stressful period at work and had her going on a journey that not only brought her health back and left her feeling happier than ever before, but it also lead to her changing career and starting Happy Heads where she now teaches adults and children simple mindful tools to help them live happier, calmer and stress-free lives.

And people have been raving about her work - from helping children who have suffered bereavement, to stressed-out adults, to her new urban retreats in London.

So as well as hearing her story, we spent time talking about why, in a digital age, we all have to learn to be proactive about keeping our minds healthy and how we can do that. Kim shares some wonderfully simple but effective tips and tools on how to practice mindfulness and weave little moments of meditation into your day to day, particularly if (like me) you know you should meditate, but you just don’t seem to get round to doing it. 

Her tools and guidance on mental fitness in a digital age honestly have been a real game changer for me.

So I cannot wait for you to listen to Kim’s inspiring story and to hear her tips on how to keep mentally fit, happy and healthy, in a digital age.

Click the orange play button at the top of the page or head over to itunes and listen to it there.

I hope this gives a lovely uplifting start to your week!

And Kim's next one day Happy Heads urban retreat is on Saturday 14th October, spaces are limited so email if you're interested and she’ll give you information on how to book.

Lots of love,

x Selina

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From not enough to thank you very much

We've all been there. Incredibly overwhelmed by that lurking feeling of not being enough.

"I'm not liked enough", "I'm not loved enough", "I'm not popular enough", "I'm not thin enough", "I'm not asked out enough", "I'm not promoted enough at work"....

You get the picture, you feel that something is lacking.

Leo Babauta of the fabulous Zen Habits, asked his Twitter friends “What fear is holding you back?”. Their responses included:

  • Failure
  • Abandonment / Rejection
  • Intimacy
  • Success
  • Being broke
  • Not being good enough

According to Leo, the fear of not being enough is actually at the root of all the others. And we tend to agree with him.

We're living in a culture of scarcity, focusing on what we lack rather than what we have.

In her book, "Daring Greatly", Brene Brown shows the extent of this on a daily basis. We start our morning thinking that we didn’t get enough sleep, we go through our day worrying about how little time we have to get everything done and then we fall asleep feeling anxious that we failed to tick everything off our to do lists. And it goes on and on.

What if we could wake up and go to sleep with a feeling of gratitide instead? Well we're starting just that with a 30 day gratitude exercise. The Gratitude Journal App is designed to make gratitide a habit, which is perfect because we love our habits.

Basically, you write down 5 things that you're grateful for each day to train your brain to be happier, By practicing awareness of the things we're thankful for (the good stuff), we fight off the brain’s natural tendency to spot the bad stuff. As a result, we train our brains to be more positive and thus happier.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

V x