I’ve never felt so happy, so close to my true self, nor so free.

I came to Project Love initially to welcome a man into my life and get through heartbreak. The process was uplifting, joyful, painful, beautiful, ugly and ultimately the start of my journey to self love. It also started my journey to designing a life that I loved.

I quit my job, went to Nicaragua for a month. Came home, did a yoga teacher training course just for my practice but have ended up teaching a little. I still contract in finance for the money, but I am on my way to getting to my end goal.

Project love has taught me how to make space in my life to welcome all the great adventures that the universe has to share. I’ve never felt so happy, so close to my true self, nor so free. My story of love is falling in love with myself. A cliche? Hell yes. It’s not an original thought, the concept has been around since the beginning of time. For.a.reason. Happiness is there if you want it. You just need to woman up and grab it.

I believe the man will come when he is ready to join the fun.

All my love to Selina and Vicki for putting me on this rollercoaster of hooting, laughing and screaming go faster
— PJ

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