Self love is a journey and one that I'm loving

"The message or story that I'd like to share is that self love and loving relationships are a journey, not a destination.

About a month after I finished the Get Ready for Love course I found myself in an exciting, growing relationship in which I did something massively different from my previous relationships - I shared my thoughts and feelings openly and honestly! It sounds so simple but it was revolutionary. Sometimes I did this easily and quickly, sometimes it was scary and rocky and took me a while to get there.

About a year and a half later, this relationship has ended. And this is because I spoke openly and honestly about what I needed and wanted, so it is the first time I have come out of a relationship and felt like I am on the road to success. It was a very different relationship, and a very different break up.

And now I'm giving myself lots of time and space to feel my feelings, to nurture myself, to focus on myself and when I'm feeling full to the brim of love I'll be ready to welcome in a new loving experience! And I'll do that by starting the GRFL course all over again, right from lesson 1.

So I don't have a "and they lived happily ever after" Project Love story - but maybe it's just as good, if not better - "and she loved herself even harder, and vowed to do so every day for the rest of her life". That's a pretty great ending, right!?

Thanks again for what you've created together and for being yourselves. You rock!!!"

- Lucy