PODCAST | LOVE: it’s not just for Valentine’s - a live recording at Liberty London


Happy Day of Love!

We cannot wait for you to hear this next episode. It is our first live podcast recording which took place last night at none other than Liberty London and wow was it a powerful one!

 We talked about:

  • Why we are SO passionate about busting the modern day myth that love is something that comes from that one special romantic partner in life

  • The impact that belief has had on so many of our lives and our relationships.

  • The exciting rise in a new approach to love - that has self-love at the heart of it - that is empowering and liberating and actually helps us to flourish as individuals and in our relationships

  • How learning to love yourself is a skill that we can all get good at

  • The different ways you can weave self-love into your day to day life

  • Why so many of us resist self-love (and what to do about that)

  • And how, when you start to tune into that inner loving voice your life will start to transform from the inside out

We covered a LOT, we went deep and had a good laugh in the process. Such a special episode. Both of us went away feeling so calm and full of love and we hope you will too.

And as you will hear in the episode 28 Days of Love - our self-love challenge over on Instagram - has begun! It is free for everyone so come and join us!

With 28 Days of Love we’ll show you just how easy it can be to give yourself a dose of self-love each and every day (no matter how busy you are). And what a difference it can make!


It’s simple!

1. Make sure you are following us on Instagram @loveprojeclove - this is where all the buzz will be, with daily tips and inspiration on how to give yourself simple daily doses of self-love

2. Head over here to download your PDF guide to getting started (includes a big long list of daily acts of love you can choose from) ⠀⠀⠀

3. Choose your daily act of self-love for the day (and do it!)

4. Share and celebrate your daily acts of self-love with us by tagging us in your stories @loveprojectlove and using #28daysoflove2019 on your post

The idea of all of us making a self-love pact and doing this together just fills us with joy! We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

With love,

X Selina and Vicki


P.S. If you or a friend are currently navigating the world of dating and looking for a loving relationship then tune in on Sunday for the FIRST in our new ‘Get Ready for Love’ series here on the podcast. Each week we’ll be delivering a dose of practical tips and guidance on how to navigate the modern dating world and find the right partner for you.

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