Our first ever ONLINE Project Love Salon | How to create a life you love in 2017

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If I gave you a magic wand and told you you could make anything happen in your life in 2017, what would you wish for?

What aspects of your life would you change? What would you keep the same? Is there any area of your life that you would completely transform?

Pause and think about it for a moment…

Imagine you had swished that wand and were living life exactly the way you want to be.

What would that life look like?

How would it feel?

It’s so important that we each take the time to step back, at least a couple of times a year, to ask ourselves questions like these.

Is this the life I want to be living? Is there anything I wish were different? How do I want to feel? Am I feeling that way? And if this isn’t the life I want to be living and if I’m not feeling the way I want to feel, what can I do to change that?

What can I do?

Because whether you realise it or not, you really do have the power to change any area of your life that isn’t making you happy.

We all have the capacity to change and transform our lives.

THAT is our magic as human beings.

No other animal is able to dream things up that don’t yet exist and then bring those dreams to life.

You created the life you are living today. And you can create the life that you just dreamt up a moment ago.

It’s as if we were all born with magic wands at our fingertips.

And when you start to discover and use that magic, your whole experience of life transforms.

You become the conscious creator at the source of your own life. And that is power.

It is key to creating a life you love.

Because living a life you love doesn’t happen by accident. People who are truly happy and fulfilled in life didn’t just fall into it, they weren’t just lucky. They created that life for themselves.


Well that is what life design is all about and on 12th December (next Monday) we’ll be exploring this topic in full in our first ever ONLINE Project Love Salon: ‘How to Create a Life you love in 2017’

We’ll be looking at how people who have created lives they love have done it. What some of the key changes are that people make in life and how they go about it and we’ll be giving you some top tips on how to create a clear vision for your life and how to bring that vision alive in 2017.

And as a special Xmas treat to you this first ever ONLINE Project Love Salon is free to attend!

All you have to do is grab a FREE ticket over here (and if you happen to not be able to make it on the 12th, then we will send you the recording after the event, but you must sign up here to receive it)

Come and join us and start planning what it is you want to make happen in your life in 2017 and we’ll show you the tools to help you do that.

And we'll also be announcing some exciting news on the night which we can't wait to share with you!

See you there,

X Selina & Vicki



PROJECT LOVE SALONS - our new London events - have arrived!

As the summer comes to an end in London, we are getting ready to snuggle in to longer nights and snug sweaters. We love this time of year - a time to slow down, go inwards and feed our soul with inspiration and new learnings to help us grow and flourish in life and love.

We’ve also been listening to our Love Tribe (you guys) and your request for more opportunities to meet face to face with this wonderful community of ladies that want to create relationships and lives they love.

And so we have teamed up with Carousel-London and a team of amazing guest speakers to bring you an Autumn/Winter collection of inspiring, nourishing and transformative monthly events.


The Project Love Salons!

We invite you to join us each month for an evening of inspiration and thought-provoking conversation about love, relationships and living a created life from the heart.

Each month, we'll introduce a juicy topic on love and get the conversation going, with special guests offering their insights and expertise. It will be a place to come together with other like-minded women and explore those topics that simply don't come up in everyday conversation. It is a space to be heard, to connect, to share wisdom and to learn.

And we’d love you to join us!

We’ll be kicking off the series with our very own Salon ‘How to be a Good Lover’ (24th October) and then we’ll hand over to 4 of some of the most inspiring women we know. Honestly - these were the women at the top of our list and they all said yes!

Here is the stellar line-up:

Project Love SALONS - Autumn/Winter Collection

24th October: How to be a Good Lover: The 5 essential elements to enjoying a Happy and Healthy Relationship - with Vicki and Selina from Project Love

21st November: The Goddess Within: How to use Goddess Archetypes as a practical tool in Life and Love - with Goddess expert, Helen Johnson

12th December: Create a life you love in 2017: get ready to make 2017 your best year yet by learning the art of life design - with Project Love's very own life design guru, Selina Barker

** As a special Xmas treat, we’re opening this one up to everyone and taking it online so that you can join us from anywhere in the world! **

23rd January: Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust your Gut, Care for 'down there' + Reclaim your Fierce + Feminine SHE Power. Rarrr - with author of ‘Love Your Lady Landscape’, Lisa Lister

27th February: Fall in Love with Life: Learn how to up your wonder, recharge your creativity and maximise the romance in the everyday - with celebrant and TED speaker, Tiu de Haan

27th March: How to be true to yourself in a modern world: Learn how to use your voice and ask for what you really need - with happiness coach, meditation teacher and inspirational speaker Gail Schock

And at each event the wonderful Paleta Girls will be providing us all with some tasty treats!

How much does it all cost?

EARLY BIRD PRICE: £15 (normal price £20)


Now you can of course buy tickets to the individual events, but we’d like to invite you to join us for the full collection of Salons so that come spring time you are FULL of love.

When you sign up to the full course of Project Love Salons, you get them all for just £75 (normal price £100) AND we’ll send you a copy of our all time favourite book: ‘Zen and the Art of Falling in Love’ as a welcome gift from us :)