How to kick start your journey of love...


When there is a big change that you want to see happen in your life then setting clear goals are incredibly powerful to help get you from where you are to where you need to be.

But when it comes to your love life, isn’t it a bit un-romantic to plan your future in this way?

Well think of it this way, how can you hit your target when you don’t know where you’re aiming?

Or to put it more eloquently:

If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time
— Zig Ziglar

Maybe goals are just dreams with deadlines?

And by setting deadlines, it helps to focus our energy in positive directions

So when it comes to love, what do you dream of, deep in your heart?

Is it a partner in life who you can have never-ending adventures with? Is it a partner that you can grow a family with? Is it a loving and healthy relationship that you feel both safe and free in?

Now daring to dream and getting clear on what it is you really want is incredibly important when bringing about a change in your life. However, you can have all the dreams in the world, but if you don’t act on them, how will you get to where you want to go?

Well consider goals to be your stepping stones to get there.

Ok, so how do you actually set those goals?

Well this exercise is one that we give to all of our clients when we start working with them.

Go through all of the different levels below and note down where you want to be at each stage. Dream big! It doesn’t matter if they sound wafty because big dreams can be broken down into smaller chunks. We’ll show you how…

Meet Lara, she’s 32, bit of a high flyer in her career, enjoying her success but the stress that comes from the job is starting to become unmanageable.  The sense of purpose that came through work just isn’t enough anymore and it now feels like something is missing. She knows something needs to change. She’s had a history of non-starter relationships and worries that she’s running out of time to meet someone, settle down and start a family…

Where do I want to be in 25 years?

I’ll be happily married with three kids, living in the countryside / by the sea. I’ll be working from home part-time with some side projects. My free time would be spent with my husband and kids, pursuing hobbies and seeing friends.

Where do I want to be in 5 years?

I’ll be married to my best friend – my partner in crime. We’ll be getting to grips with being new parents and enjoying the adventure. I’ll be working less hours and starting to wind down in my career. We would be thinking about moving out of the city for a less hectic life. We’d be in a good place financially

Where do I want to be in 1 year?

I’ll be with someone who really “gets me”. He shows me love and respect. The relationship is healthy and I’m incredibly happy. We don’t yet live together but I think it will happen soon. I’ll own my own place and work will be fulfilling and exciting.

Where do I want to be in 3 months (June)?

I’ll feel positive about my love life and that it’s not a matter of if I meet someone, it’s when. I’ll be enjoying dating and meeting people and I’ll be open to see who I’m attracted to. I’ll know what I want and I’ll feel confident to get out there and start attracting awesome men into my life.

Now the next part is the fun bit and it brings it all to life..

What can I do NOW to put the conditions in place (to get me where I need to be in June)?

I will make a commitment to myself to make love a priority. I will start to figure out how this self-love thing works! I will look at the ways in which I can focus on getting in the right mindset for love and working out what I want from a relationship.

What can I do to get those conditions set up as soon as possible?

I’ll go and find people who can help, coach and teach me about getting into the right mindset for love and all this self-love stuff. I’ll go and see what workshops, coaching programmes, talks etc are out there for women like me who are ready to do something about their love lives and I’ll choose one to attend in the next two weeks!

And that is how you take a dream, bring it out of the realm of fantasy and very much into the real world: by making goals and taking action.

Now as luck would have it for Lara, our Get Ready for Love workshop in London is coming up on the 17th March. A perfect way for her to get started on getting her love life on track!

So if, like Lara, you’re also feeling ready to kick start your journey of love then come and join us. All it takes is turning up next Tuesday evening with an open mind and heart.

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x Vicki and Selina

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