Don’t have your 2018 plan all figured out yet? Don't panic!


There is a strange kind of panic we’ve noticed flooding the social media waves at the moment, coming from people that seem to be feeling a pressure that they should have stepped into the new year with a fully formed plan for 2018, with some big fabulous dreams to impress the world with and a clear vision of how they are going to make it all happen.

And that they should be leaping into action already bringing those dazzling dreams to life.

How exhausting!

Now I know at Project Love we’re all about creating a big beautiful vision and plan for the year ahead, BUT… we don’t expect you to have it all figured out by now. No way!

Why would you?

In the run up to Christmas we barely have time to pause for breath and then, I don’t know about you, but I like to switch off from EVERYTHING over the Xmas hols: from work, from dreams, from plotting and planning. The whole lot.

I simplify life down so that my top concerns boil down to whether I should crack open that fresh new tray of Ferrero Roche or tuck into some of the left over cheese before the next film starts.

And so when the 1st Jan comes around, I couldn’t be further from having a clear vision for the year ahead.

In fact this year I didn’t do my ‘Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018’ until this weekend and we haven’t even started on our vision and plan for Project Love…

So are we panicking and feeling like we’re falling behind?


Because at Project Love we don’t expect anyone, including ourselves, to have figured out their full 2018 vision and plan by the first week of Jan. Frankly we don’t even expect you to have figured it out by the end of Jan.

Because we have found over the years, that the first SIX weeks of the new year are the perfect time for dreaming and planning and it’s not until mid Feb that we expect to have a clear vision and a plan for the year ahead.


Because we know that getting clear on what dreams you want to follow and what you want to fill your life with for an entire year takes time.

  • Time to explore and get clear on what it is you really need this year, to be happy and fulfilled.
  • Time to allow your dreams to come to the surface and choose the ones you really want to go for this year.
  • Time to create a vision and a picture of what you want your life to look like in 2018.
  • Time to design a practical plan that will help you to bring that vision to life in the year to come.
  • And time to lovingly deal with the doubts and fears that invariably come up when you dare to dream.

Which is why we don’t run our ‘Design a Life You Love in 2018’ course in December, we don’t even run it from the start of January.

We kick things off MID Jan.

Because we know from experience that it takes a good two weeks to get back into the swing of things after Christmas. And we like to give you 4 weeks to go through the Design a Life You Love process so that you have the time you need to really tune into your heart, try ideas on for size, sit with your dreams and really feel into what you really want this year to be all about.

So that by mid February you have a vision and a plan for the year ahead that really feels like the right vision and plan for you.

So if you’ve been feeling like you’re already falling behind one week into the new year and you should already know what your vision and goals are for 2018, then put your feet up and CHILL. You have plenty of time. You don’t even have to have started yet!

Enjoy these early weeks of the year - do whatever makes you feel good. Because at the end of the day ‘doing what makes you feel good’ IS the foundation to living a life you love. So start there.

And on 15th Jan, come and join us (and women from all over the world) as we set off on a 4 week journey that will help you create that vision and plan for 2018 that will have you following your sweetest dreams and filling your life with the things that will really make you happy. 

We can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

x Selina