An alternative Valentine's Day - the Project Love way

Valentine's Day.  It's a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. If you're in a relationship, it can be a wonderful time to spoil the one you love or it can feel a little cheesy / OTT to celebrate it. And if you're single and wishing you weren't, it can be a painful reminder of the big relationship-shaped hole in your life and the whole day is spent trying to pretend like it's not happening.

So to be honest, over at Project Love we're not actually big fans of the traditional Valentine's Day.

We do it a little differently...

For us it's THE DAY OF LOVE: A day to celebrate love in all its forms.

In the English language, there is only one word to describe love, but the Greeks had 7 different words for love: romantic love and erotic love (eros), love for family (storge), deep friendship (philia), playful affectionate love (ludus), love for everyone (agape), long-standing love (pragma) and love for self (philautia).

So this Valentine’s Day we want to invite you to join us in ditching the usual focus on romantic love and instead celebrate all forms of love.

Above all, self-love.

Do something this Saturday for you - treat yourself with love.

Buy yourself flowers, take yourself out for brunch at your favourite cafe, buy yourself a little gift, treat yourself to a massage, take yourself off to an art gallery or snuggle in and have a date in with yourself and your favourite film.

Last year Selina, who was single at the time, really embraced this new approach to Valentine's Day. She sent me this message with a photo of a Mexican heart necklace that she bought for herself:

"I am totally living in love today, taking actions from the heart - wait till you see the Valentine’s day gift I got myself AND I booked in a massage for next week. Just waiting for a delicious toasted cake in Brixton market!"

So join us and make Valentine's Day YOUR DAY OF LOVE too and let us know what you get up to by leaving a comment below, share photos with us on Instagram or tweet us!

x Vicki and Selina

P.S. if you haven’t watched it already check out the video interview which Selina did with the fabulous Addictive Daughter on '3 steps to transform your love life’ - she tells the story of her Valentine’s Day ‘Day of Love’ last year and what all that self-loving led to…..!