PODCAST SHOW | If you think finding love is all down to fate...then think again


This week we've opened up the juicy topic of fate. Is finding a loving partner really all down to fate?

We don't think so.

In fact we reckon that if you're putting your love-life in the hands of fate, then that could be the very reason why you're not finding it.

So in this week's podcast we decided to put fate into the hot seat, challenge the very notion of love as being something that is magically bestowed upon us...or not...by the mysterious hand of fate and instead show you what you can do to take your love-life out of the hands of fate and back into your own hands.

Or as Vicki put it 'grab your love-life by the balls'.

So hit play and listen in, or download from Soundcloud and let us know what YOU think. Is finding love down to fate or not?

x Selina & Vicki