Get out of your Head and into your Body

Sometimes what we need the most is to get out of our head and into our bodies. Especially when the shitty committee is in town (that bitchy voice that points out our failures and flaws).

This is a key part of Getting Ready for Love because our bodies have such power. They allow us to access and release emotions that are getting in the way of love from flowing and they open us up to different sides of us (sides that have been perhaps dormant for too long).

And this is what our latest podcast is all about. Check it out and have a think of the ways that you can show your body some love. Let us know over on FB or Twitter which body love activities you're going to do!


And if you're stuck for ideas (and live in London) then we can't recommend Frame enough to get into the body-love-zone - we love Frame Rave and 80's Aerobics

Vicki and Selina x